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Think pink!

pink skuldertaske for

pink skuldertaske bag

My darling mum was always a collector and saver. I inherited and willingly pick up anything she began to discard because of a move to a smaller flat. I fully intend to turn the odds and ends into something, and this shoulder bag is one such thing.

I have no clue what she intended the two different kinds of material for. Probably something else. Only thing I’m sure about is the strap surprised her.

It’s an old bicycle tube.

The top is something shiny, the beads are mostly Czech glass, the floral-print is satin.

There’s something about contrasts …


My mother was a seamstress, she gave me old blue jeans

Remember The Animals? If not, here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgTSfJEf_jM

My Mum never learned how to make her own patterns, Taht never stopped her sewing and repairing scores of garments including worn blue jeans. Her sewing machine is sturdy and was only sold because she missed being able to make buttonholes easily.

She’s now 91 and recently moved to a smaller flat than before. This move prompted a clean-up, and because I bought her old sewing machine and make things out of cast-away scraps including patchwork, I also took home a bagful of jeans letftovers.

So when she talked of getting a bed spread for the guest bed I stopped her saying I’d make her one. And here’s the beginngs of it:


12 patches sewn together, 12 more cut and ready to be added. Depending on accumulated weight the restwill be either only regular calico patchwork or more Jeans pieces + calico. And I’ll be dot-quilting these pieces with some of all the buttons she gave me over the years.

So did anyone guess what animal I am? Yup, that’s right. The hoarding squirrel.

Tender ( and threadbare) is the night

Sigh. I seem to dress the family’s duvets in worn-out covers of late with the result that my younger daughter (oddly enough always her) comes to me for another after few nights. Because it rips open.

Two were turned into shirts. Two others were turned into PJ’s. This one is different though:


Not so much because it’s older than the others. But because there’s time embedded in it. The blotchy pattern is an experiment I made with thinned-out textile paint dripped and splashed onto fabric. The faint and wavering purple line to the left is embroidered. I spent time making that duvet cover.

I spent even more time including some very good time under it. I made it when I moved away from home to a so-called kollegium, a Danish near-equivalent of a dorm except it’s not necessarily on a campus, there’s no room mate system and you don’t have to move home for long vacations.

It was there I met my boyfriend / later husband, there I made friends for life ( I hope!) There I battled memory, learning skills, rotten economy, got myself terribly drunk after exams and generally enjoyed life to the most. It was on my bed with this cover friends would sit and share my G&T’s to talk through nights of plans and harebrained schemes. And it’s all associated closely to this cover. We had shared laundry room with washers and a dryer, no place to air-dry anything, and so it would at regular intervals leave its duvet stuffing, go in the washer followed by the dryer to get stuffed again with the duvet. And a dryer does add to the wear of clothes, including bedclothes.

Which means the rip is no surprise. The rest is more or less as worn as where the rip appeared. The sensible thing to do would be to just throw it into one of those Red Cross containers.

Feelings aren’t sensible. There must be some way to use this. I can’t let it go. Not yet.


Down with the bedclothes, up with the night shirt

No, we don’t like wicked Uncle Ernie or anyone like him. He’s a sick pervert who causes awful pain and damage.

What I at least do like is re-use. Or recycling. Some posts ago I wrote about converting two torn duvet covers into PJs for my daughter. This time there was only one duvet cover with a tear in it at the top. My daughter said no to another PJ, and since it was a white cover of rather nice material I instead dug out my trusty book on Danish peasants’ shirts from 1750-1850. Since that was a time of hand-weaving, which takes a very long time, the patterns are basically geometry excercises along the lines “how to shape something wearable outof only rectangles and squares”.

Cut out and laid out it looks like this:


Apologies for the fuzzy snap. There are two body rectangles, two sleeve rectangles, two yoke rectangles, a collar rectangle and two cuff rectangles + four gusset squares. There is practically no spill this way, and therefore I can get two long-sleeve shirts on that single duvet cover. One is almost done:


The cover was inherited from my mother-in-law. I guess it serves its due.

Oh and who is this Ernie character?! Well – who indeed. A fictitious character, something as abominable as a pedophile. From the rock opera “tommy” by – The Who

What’s your bed wearing tonight?


Now riding clothes are what you wear for riding.

Sports clothes are what you wear for sports.

So by logic bedclothes should be clothes you wear for going to / being in bed.

So why are bedclothes the actual sheet, pillowcase and duvet cover, i.e. clothes for  the bed? Doesn’t make sense to me. Which is one reason I clanked my trusty sewing machine on the table, laid out an old duvet cover worn thin at the top and still OK one fourth down, cut out four leg pieces and began sewing away.

The other reason is that my daughter – longlegged yet still growing and slim – still wears PJ to bed. In shops they’re either too small or ridiculously overprized. That old duvet cover will be so soft and comfy.

Real bedclothes.