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Think pink!

pink skuldertaske for

pink skuldertaske bag

My darling mum was always a collector and saver. I inherited and willingly pick up anything she began to discard because of a move to a smaller flat. I fully intend to turn the odds and ends into something, and this shoulder bag is one such thing.

I have no clue what she intended the two different kinds of material for. Probably something else. Only thing I’m sure about is the strap surprised her.

It’s an old bicycle tube.

The top is something shiny, the beads are mostly Czech glass, the floral-print is satin.

There’s something about contrasts …


What’s your bed wearing tonight?


Now riding clothes are what you wear for riding.

Sports clothes are what you wear for sports.

So by logic bedclothes should be clothes you wear for going to / being in bed.

So why are bedclothes the actual sheet, pillowcase and duvet cover, i.e. clothes for  the bed? Doesn’t make sense to me. Which is one reason I clanked my trusty sewing machine on the table, laid out an old duvet cover worn thin at the top and still OK one fourth down, cut out four leg pieces and began sewing away.

The other reason is that my daughter – longlegged yet still growing and slim – still wears PJ to bed. In shops they’re either too small or ridiculously overprized. That old duvet cover will be so soft and comfy.

Real bedclothes.