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Cake, dinner, midnight.

Calculation, dedication, mass production

Chaos, disaster, moping

What have I been doing?! Well you might just ask. The answer is that Saturday my Mum came to visit to see the progress on her bedspread (see last post) and decide what should go on it now. We talked back and forth for a bit, thought a lot and finally decided to reduce the number of denim pieces and add a simple patchwork design of only squares.

A lot of them as it turned out. 468 to be precise.

We sighed a bit, then she began to cut out the squares, I began to edge them, and my daughter collected them in bundles of 10 to ease counting. All was well, we took a break for coffee / tea and cakes, another break later on to finish cooking a pot roast already simmering.

Time wore on but around 11 PM we “just” needed 80-odd squares and went on cutting to get it over with.

Minutes later disaster struck. My trusty old sewing machine decided to play up, eat material and make snares of the thread. 44 squares are un-edged, and all of them still need sewing together.

I really need the one CDM I didn’t have: Cadbury’s dairy milk.

Sturdy Swedish steel


My sewing machine. It’s old, about 50 years old or so, and a little worn though not as such camera shy. The sun just got in the way. It has some pattern seams if not the widest range and does not  make button holes automatically. Today it impressed me.

Levis med lap

Biting through a folded seam in jeans – and these are genuine Levis – just because I changed to the correct needle is neat. Only one bit proved impossible due to so many layers the gap between needle and machine tabel was too small. Nothing like quality. Oh and did I mention this green beauty and I are the same year?!