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This post is a first for me: A second post in a row on the same piece of craft.

It’s the embroidered shop again. And I post about it this week as well in order to boast of my progress. Because even if it is by nature slow going, something did happen over tha past seven days:


It’s just as sideways as last week. But just click back and forth between last week and this to admire the difference! Most of the door, a good deal of the second window. I really am quite pleased with myself.

The finished picture is going to a friend, and I’m going to see her in two weeks’ time. I can’t get it done before I see her, because one colour ran out too soon. Most of it can be done though. Since it just lay around idle for a long time, I’ll be happy to hand it over.

And then go on with the patchwork project of 480 individual pieces I started on …

Little shop of horrors

Yes I know it’s the title of an old movie. From 1960 more precisely, which makes it older than I am. And I never saw it nor the remake from 1986.

So why name a crafts blog post after it? Because this is one of the things I’m working on at the moment:


Sorry it’s on the side. Turn your head, your screen or just think of another movie: When Harry met Sally. She has everything on the side.

I’m almost more sorry it doesn’t really show all the shading that means areas of few stitches in each colour. Such areas take forever and usually have me cursing under my breath. Add to this the fact tht I do this embroidery for someone else because I’d never hang anything like that on my wall and I have to ask myself: Why do I do this? Why do I take the time?

I actually still like it. I like seeing a pattern and a motif come to life under my fingers. And so I have a feeling it won’t be tha last piece I do.

Just the last for a while.

What’s your bed wearing tonight?


Now riding clothes are what you wear for riding.

Sports clothes are what you wear for sports.

So by logic bedclothes should be clothes you wear for going to / being in bed.

So why are bedclothes the actual sheet, pillowcase and duvet cover, i.e. clothes for  the bed? Doesn’t make sense to me. Which is one reason I clanked my trusty sewing machine on the table, laid out an old duvet cover worn thin at the top and still OK one fourth down, cut out four leg pieces and began sewing away.

The other reason is that my daughter – longlegged yet still growing and slim – still wears PJ to bed. In shops they’re either too small or ridiculously overprized. That old duvet cover will be so soft and comfy.

Real bedclothes.

Socking up to friends

As followers of this blog may have sussed I’m no fan of gardening. there are things I flat out refuse to do such as hedge-trimming. I’m no good with odd repair jobs either, and as the owner of a house there are regularly things that ought to be fixed. Things my darling husband used to do and still would do if he were still of this world.

So instead I rely on relatives and friends. Relatives are good, they’re handy and feel the blood-bound duty to help sis.

With friends it’s another matter. I can treat them to good food and drink as I do with family. And then there’s the nice fact that at least three of them like home-made items of clothing.

sokker Such as woollen socks.

This pair is the most recent in a long string of them.

Friendship never sucks.

It socks.