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Those cards will have me in shards

Here’s a confession: I hate German grammar. Mind you, I’m not overly fond of any grammar and if pressed I’d probably say Latin grammar is worse than German.

The thing is: I’m trying to cash in on German grammar. Together with a German friend I have a project to make teaching material about it. The material involves two sets of cards, and today I got done designing those cards.

I use Excel for want of a proper graphics program and it works sort of alright. My wrist tells me I did more mouse work than it really prefers but I can ignore it.

What really got me hugging the desk in despair is the sheer number of variations in especially pronouns. Of several kinds. Small wonder that my hatred is common among learners.

And now for the happy note: If this material makes the grand transition from project to actual, published and buyable aide, it will change the way pupils and students battle with grammar.

Think I may go for the name “Deutsch ohne Tränen”: German without tears.

A-Cup or boob trap

Got anyone interested? Intrigued? Hoping for saucy snaps?

Well: Sorry. No such luck. The A-cup is an acronym meaning the Art of Cutting Up Paper.

Now some may protest that doing so can hardly be an art. Others would recognise the fact that e.g. decoupage is generally designated art.

Okay, so: does that mean I’m doing that? No. Sorry again. All I did was cut up paper into A7-size pieces. Definitely not an art.

Agreed, even thought the cutter has slightly off measurements on the board meaning that I had to learn just how to place it to actually get the right size.

The real art was in the writing on those pieces (or cards as I used luxury paper). Because they go into a prototype of a game of my invention, one designed to learn German grammar without tears and countless mistakes. And anyone who learned German or just tried will know that THAT will be great art. If or when I succeed in making it work.