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Pax Vobiscum

Nostalgia can take on a lot of different forms. One of the things I miss even in the midst of several TV-channels and a range of DVDs is the national broadcasting corporation showing classic American movies Saturday or Sunday afternoon. One of them was the old version of “Robin Hood” starring Erroll Flynn. I seem to remember there was something about a fool in monk’s attire who is used to divert attention. However, even IMDB tells me nothing of a fool.

All the Latin he manages to learn for his part are the words of the headline: Pax Vobiscum.munkekutter

These two scout friends of mine may know as little. After all, she’s a geographer, he’s a computer-something-or-other. But this Saturday they were a nun and a monk at a regional scouts’ tournament. And I am proud to say I helped the geographer make those costumes with the man acting as model.