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Down with the bedclothes, up with the night shirt

No, we don’t like wicked Uncle Ernie or anyone like him. He’s a sick pervert who causes awful pain and damage.

What I at least do like is re-use. Or recycling. Some posts ago I wrote about converting two torn duvet covers into PJs for my daughter. This time there was only one duvet cover with a tear in it at the top. My daughter said no to another PJ, and since it was a white cover of rather nice material I instead dug out my trusty book on Danish peasants’ shirts from 1750-1850. Since that was a time of hand-weaving, which takes a very long time, the patterns are basically geometry excercises along the lines “how to shape something wearable outof only rectangles and squares”.

Cut out and laid out it looks like this:


Apologies for the fuzzy snap. There are two body rectangles, two sleeve rectangles, two yoke rectangles, a collar rectangle and two cuff rectangles + four gusset squares. There is practically no spill this way, and therefore I can get two long-sleeve shirts on that single duvet cover. One is almost done:


The cover was inherited from my mother-in-law. I guess it serves its due.

Oh and who is this Ernie character?! Well – who indeed. A fictitious character, something as abominable as a pedophile. From the rock opera “tommy” by – The Who