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Joining the band

I’m a scout. And not only that, I am in the Danish Scout Corps.

Though it may sound that way this doesn’t mean there’s only one scout corps in Denmark. There’s the YMCA which also has girls. The old YWCA which has only girls. Tha baptist scouts which are a minority. A parallel to the Boys’ Brigade which aren’t really scouts and whose certain-shade-of-blue uniforms earn them the nickname “the Smurfs”. And then there are us. Non-denominational and gender-mixed.

I know from big camps with guests from the world that the uniform is generally taken seriously. Kept clean and pressed, badges only there for one year.

We take our uniforms more loose.uniform

Camp wrist bands on the back, old yearly stars on the collar, a wolf’s paw print, an activity I half-failed and another I found half-dull on the yoke. This bit of embroidery on the right sleeve:


Left sleeve is even worse, filling up with tour and camp badges. This garment represents a LOT of hand-sewing. And the uniforms in general? Just as personal as this one.