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and it’s one, two, three, what am I stitching fo(u)r

Or: N squared.

Wait – does that mean more math?!

The answer is yes: 1-2-3-4-5 i anden

Within the same size square I sew patches together as either 1 patch each side, two each side, three, four and five. Eventually five anyway. To enhance the pattern I change between blues and reds and use the same two colours or sets of colours for each number: 1 X 1 are two blues, 2 X 2 are two sets of pinkish reds et c.

Why I stop at five? Because it gets me down to individual pathes that are 1 X 1 cm. I flat out refuse to go below that size (unless of course I come up with some “brilliant” idea that demands it … ), and because of how the pattern works I end up with a nice size when I stop at five.

That’s the main snag about these mathematical patterns: The size of the finished example grows in jumps. If I include 6 X 6 patch-squares I would end up with an example measuring 66 X 66 cm. whereas this on will end up as 45 X 45 cm.

Holiday haul of a material girl

holiday haul

One folding cup, one mug bought for the cat motif, one cookie cutter, three bars of soap, fire bags of tea and a single blouse.

That’s hardly very material now is it? Soap and tea will gradually be used up and could very well be considered absolute necessities. Especially the soap.

Well I have to confess the real treasure is here:

stof, malebøger og mønstre

Two books full of drawings just begging to be turned into embroidery. Calico for a shirt, calico with an almost art déco-ish pattern and red linen for a shirt. Oh yes and multiple-model patterns for medieval women’s dresses. None of the really necessary. But soooo irresistible …. The red linen shirt will most likely appear on occasion once work on it starts. Stay tuned.