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Think pink!

pink skuldertaske for

pink skuldertaske bag

My darling mum was always a collector and saver. I inherited and willingly pick up anything she began to discard because of a move to a smaller flat. I fully intend to turn the odds and ends into something, and this shoulder bag is one such thing.

I have no clue what she intended the two different kinds of material for. Probably something else. Only thing I’m sure about is the strap surprised her.

It’s an old bicycle tube.

The top is something shiny, the beads are mostly Czech glass, the floral-print is satin.

There’s something about contrasts …


Bead it, bag it


So here’s the reason I was silent online for a fortnight and a day: I kept myself busy making this little trifle. Which is less of a trifle given the fact that I started out with flat material, a lenght of cord, a needle, thread and two boxes of Czech glass beads. Yup, that’s right: Each and every single one of the beads on this bag is sewn on by hand.

I’m rather pleased with the result, I have to admit. I wanted it to look random in it’s pattern, and I followed a meandering trail traced in tailor’s chalk before I began beading.

That’s not saying I didn’t beat myself on the head a few times in the process. What was I thinking using the really small beads and tracing such a long trail? And did they really all need two stitches to fasten them securely?

The answer is I was thinking how it would end up looking. And I like it. It was worth it.

Snip, snip – there’s nothing to see

One of those weeks. Progress on regular crafts is slow due to work, a slump in energy, book editing, social calls et c.

Like the one to a friend. She is a grade school teacher and also has a minor business selling shopping bags made of jute: Environmentally friendly shopping bags

However, the seamstresses in Bangladesh did not quite live up to her standards when fastening the handles. Which means re-sewing them on.

This in turn meant getting me to snip off the ends of thread. So this is another week of little to show. Except one thing: Notice the bag that’s photographed on a background of floor and striped socks? Those socks are my doing.