About me

I was born in late 1965. In 1970 I made my first bit of handicraft; a cross stitch piece. Nobody told me how, I just saw my Mum do it and only know I did because my Mum saved the piece.

It looked awful. Things have improved since then, and you can now see fresh and future examples on Instagram. Same tag – ManiMariae.

This site has a few other subsites: Patchwork patterns and cross stitch. The patchwork patterns are mainly based on … math. Yup, that’s right. They illustrate things like geometry, calculus, doubling, and logarithms. It’s nerdy! Most of them are also non-block patterns.

The cross stitch subsite only has a single pattern at the moment. I shall be adding to both these subsites as I finish more examples to show.


add another page.

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