Begging forgiveness

Primarily for abscence. ( And the odd spelling errors).


First my old PC took ill. It was off colour (even if the screen did show all of them perfectly), taking longer and longer to open, and sometimes flat out refusing to do so.

Then one day it just did not open at all. My neighbour’s geek son tried his best and failed. It was then I had to realise it was dead. Beyond redemption. And I had to get a new  one.

Which I never did. So why do I have one now? I bought it second hand. There’s a company that specialises in taking old PCs, checking them thoroughly, installing the newest version of Windows and selling them to people like me.

I saved a lot of money and got a working PC.


This brings me on o my next forgiveness-begging: I shall be posting in Danish too from now on.

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