Or: Not In My Daffodils You Don’t

April is dandelion season. Or rather: It opens the dandelion season. Like every other garden owner at least in Denmark and probably all temperate areas, I get my fair share of them. In parts of the garden they’re little trouble. I have a marvellous tool that has two broad spikes at the end of a rod with handlebars at the top. Easy to use, just plunge in the spikes around the dandelion, twist the rod using the handlebars, lift up. Sometimes it lift the dandelion, otherwise it loosens the soil to allow me to pull it up with at least some of hte root on it.

The snag is that dandelions are sneaky things. The seeds blow everywhere on their feather-like parachute, dfalls everywhere and is only too good at sprouting. And not just on otherwise bare patches. They sprout among my strawberries, under my hedge, practically in the middle of rose bushes. Not to mention in my daffodils, which bloom everywhere now.

With such cunning my tool is no good because it would damage the bulbs. And so I have to get down on my knees, small shovel in hand and dig those dandelions up.

So, folks: You thing dandelions and other weeds are a pain in the neck? Or a pain in the arse / butt? Well I can tell you you’re wrong.

They’re a pain in the knees.

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