Secret Service

I work three different part time jobs. All of them more or less invisible in one way or another. One is as a DPPA with a blind couple with a toddler. I do the things that require visuals for them, sort laundry, pair socks, clean, tidy and first and foremost keep an eye on the toddler to make sure there are limits to how much trouble he makes.

Another is delivering local papers and ads. Few people see me doing it, I know none of my colleagues.

And the third is taking out disabled and / or mentally handicapped people. And I mean taking them out: One needs airing, because she’s otherwise stuck in a wheelchair and lost speech. Another is also in a chair and needs me to take care of errands and airing out.

The last three are mentally handicapped. And need special attention from me to catch what they’re saying. In the case of the one I took to a concert yesterday what he mumbles or signals. He’s awfully discreet, prompting me by touch to say he was thirsty.

So this week’s craft is communication. If nothing else I learn all the time how diverse it is.

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