That was a long haul, Twiggy

This week’s post is an age sorter: How many know who Twiggy was? I do even if she was before my time. That’s how iconic she was.


So what does that have to do with this snap?! Weeeeell – technically speaking absolutely bugger-all. And then again. Frustrated out of my skull that work takes away my energy and needing fresh air after having scrubbed the scullery floor where my cat “missed” her box I did some gardening. Hauled this branch away from the lawn where it fell this winter and picked up countless twigs. Three barrowloads. And I bent over to get each one.

Which brings me back to Twiggy whose nickname came from the fact that she was thin as a twig. And that’s how you can get too if you do too much gardening.

2 thoughts on “That was a long haul, Twiggy

    1. Ha ha! Two of “my” old cub scouts have taken up the hobby of making knives and picked up a piece of that oak branch each. Along with some magnolia, hazel, which hazel, wisteria, rowan and peach.


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