Woolcoholics anonymous

Is washing a craft? Hardly. It used to be tough work whaen it came to cotton and linen and delicate work when dealing with wool. When I was younger I still washed wool by hand because there was no other way. I was never very good at it, got it felted no matter how hard I tried to avoid it. As a result I wore precious little pure wool if any at all and sorely missed this fantastic fibre that keeps you warm at minimal weight.

So when the old washer gave up on us and we had to get a new one my one demand was that it had to have a hand-wash cycle. My husband found it easy to comply with this a bought Ms. Miele who still serves us loyally.

As a scout and the mother of another AND a keen knitter I took advantage of it as soon as possible. It’s been several years now and we gathered us a good collection:


Two items visible here aren’t wool but left from washing black the day before. Five pieces aren’t from my needles. The rest is.

I’m proud to be a woolcoholic!

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