Ceci n’est pas une door handle

Nor, for that matter, is it a loft ladder:


I’m not particularly proud of these gloves. My defense is they’re made of thinsulate, which is completely unwieldy and – just to top it – has a strong tendency to come apart in tis three layers while you work with it.

The reason I almost call them a doorhandle is my nephew who is a carpenter. And he has cold hands in the morning because work gloves are either too thin to really keep his hands warm or too thick to actually work with. My idea was thar thinsulate just might work as undergloves because it’s thin AND warm at the same time.

The handle on my daughter’s door is playing up. And he promised to fix it and possibly extre-fasten her loft ladder in return for these gloves.

Nepotistic trading economy. You gotta love it.

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