Curly regrets

Thanks to a dear friend I know to words for the annoying craft of taking back knitting: If you painstakingly take it back one stitch at a time, the word is “to tink”. For the simple reason that “tink” is “knit” spelled backwards. The other word is “to frog” or “frogging”, bacause you just pull out the needes and rib it. And frogs say “ribbit” in English. Both ways leave the already used yarn curly.

(As an aside, the sounds of animals are not universal when translated into human. Danish frogs say “kvæk” or “kvak”. Pigs may say “oink” in English; they say “øf” in Danish, “grunz” in German and “hrum” in Polish. When there was a scandal ablout maltreatment of pigs bound for slaughter and transported for far too long including a long stop at the German-Danish border, a stand-up comedian mused that the stop just possibly was to make sure every pig switched from “øf” to “grunz”.)

So where am I getting with all this? To a cuff. A sweater in progress has a pattern of three stripes, each its own colour. The blue stripe is the thinnest of the three which means there’s a good deal of blue left. Did my darling daughter and recipint want a blue stripe on the sleeves? She’d think about it.

While she thought I began to knit sleeve one and stopped after the cuff. Which was when she chose – blue cuffs. Right then. Blue cuffs it is, I’ll just rib what I already finished. And get curly yarn.

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