shady scouting

Scouts aren’t just good. We do shady things too, often as not literally so – doing our best to hide to observe wildlife, running about at all hours including the dark ones, staying up so late the tent blocks the dim night light and leaves everything in shades. Furthermore, Danish scouts are (of course!) mostly both genders together, even in the tents at night, and we see the chin shades grow on our fellow scouts over weekend trips and summer camp.

This one is a shade(!) different. Apart from the different badges to mark things you’ve learned / skills you’ve mastered we have various “done something for an entire year”-badges. The easist of all to do is one I started doing this year: Wear the scarf every day. It’s called 365. The idea is to flaunt it in front of school mates, colleagues et c. Until Saturday I just donned my usual red checkered scarf. Saturday, however, I went to a 60 years birtheday party and decided to be a shade more discreet:


Sorry about the fuzzyness of the photo, I’m no good with selfies. I took off my white vest before leaving and just went in my blue linen shirt and a paler blue scarf. And noone said a word.

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