Bang, bang, button

Are jeans makers lazy? Sometimes I get that feeling. Because when you buy a shirt, jacket or cardie the buttons are always sewn on.

Not so with jeans. Instead it’s one of those things you just punch in. Even though most jeans only have one single button.

So what, you might say. Most of the time – nothing. But when such a button comes out, there’s precious little you can do, because it leaves a hole in the material.

So when my daughter’s favourite pants lost the button she was so sorry. Only worn three times which is enough to be impossible to complain about and far to early to discard.

A bit of creative thinking, two scraps from worn-out jeans and my trusty sewing machine later, this was the result:

Only the backside really shows my ingeniousness. The front plainly works. And she is so happy she has me.

As the mother of a teenage girl that’s woth a lot.

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