I scream cones – ice cream spikes

I know. Scouts are crazy. I should know as this is my 7th year as a scout mistress or leader. After a very long break and six years as a girl scout.

Yet somehow the whole craziness thing seems to have escalated from my girl scout days. Back when Mummy was a boy (which is the Danish expression for a long time ago), nobody dressed up fancy for tournaments and gatherings. Uniform was standard supplemented by whatever would keep you dry, warm, and comfy for the day.

And look at us now:Anettes rygskjold

A tournament with a games theme had my scout friends look like that. And while I can’t take the credit for all the costumes I do claim the honours for Browser’s shield and horns. With a painter’s suit, textile paints, rubber foam, dexterity and patience an ordinary woman was a monster for a day. I feel some measure of pride.

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