Sheepskin & barfdrobe blues

When I was in high school or rather the near-enough Danish equivalent we read the lyrics of “sheepskin blues” in English class. The reason was to teach us the connotations of the term “getting one’s sheep skin”.

Because we instead buy and therefore keep a hat, Danish graduaters don’t get those skins. So I bought my own many years ago when visiting my brother while he did a stint as a doctor in Sisimiut, Greenland. On a recent trip into town with my 15-year old I revealed the fact that I still have that skin to her. And could she have it? Please Mummy?

Here’s the one reason I hesitated:


It was under all of this. Which needed sorting. And now I consider using that image as the background on my PC as a reminder to myself on the virtue of keeping my trap shut …

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