The pros and cons of windmills

I’m an environmenalist. I don’t own a car, bike everywhere. Sort my rubbish in numerous fractions and eat a good deal of organic foods. And I did a one point do some research into household windmills and mainly gave up because I only found places and sites selling those mini-models in garden-gnome-style.

So what has that got to do with crafts? Did I start making my own?

Yes and no. I’m not an engineer. I did make this:otter

It’s the eigth windmill I made. They’re all for my patchwork sudoku, and that pattern has taught me one thing: They’re a bloody nuisance to sew. It obviously doesn’t help that it’s 4,5 X 4,5 cm. in size. A bigger windmill could well prove a lot easier to sew.

It’s going to be a good while before I put that to the test … the thought of having to sew another already tests me and my patience.

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