Sudoku interpretation or: A note on hand-sewing


GADS! This piece of patchwork is forever a WIP. Or maybe it only feels that way. The obvious reason is that each of the 81 squares of which it consists is made up of 1-9 patches in themselves.

Wait a minute – 1-9 patches? Is that the sudoku part?

Yes. Thinking of ways to innovate patchworking I stumbled on the mad idea of crossing this old craft with maths. Of all things. Arguably, sudoku isn’t strictly math as much as it’s a brain teaser of a pattern. Which makes it completely obvious to turn into patchwork which is all abour patterns, right?

So to keep a firm grip on the correct distribution of the squares I got an old guest towel, cut the pieces and pinned them on while keeping a solved sudoku by my side. Each square is unpinned one at a time, edged (on my sewing machine as I’m not a complete hand-sewing fanatic), then stitched together by hand. The edge is basted into correct size and pinned back on until I can put more pieces together.

And now onto another blue 7-piece square …

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