Math patches

matematiske lapper 1

2 X²

So here’s what math’s got to do with it: The middle patch is 1 X 1. The next size is 2 x 2, then  4 X 4 and finally 8 X 8 bringing it up to 29 X 29 in total.

29 what? Weeeeel – since I’m Danish it’s centimetres. But you can do the same in inches. Or feet or yards which would make it BIG. Or you could decide that “1” equals 3/4 inch. As long as you double the length of the side of your squares it’ll look like this – in other colours and prints. The main thing is to use single-colour material for the smallest patches as so little shows.

I like the regularity of the pattern and the way it’s just squares and yet still something different.

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